Thursday, April 4, 2013

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Quickly-Search Installed Apps

"Quickly" An App to allow users to search installed Apps, view Apps in alphabetically 
sorted order and most recently used order on an Android Phone. In short this App allows you to:
- Search all Installed Apps
- List all Recently used Apps
- Sort installed Apps alphabetically

When you start the application then all the installed apps are displayed in alphabetically sorted (as shown in Figure2) order by default.
User can search for any app as shown in Figure1.
User can see the list of recently used Apps (as shown in Figure3) by using button to the right of search box.

                                                            Figure1: Sorting for text "qui"

                                                     Figure2: Alphabetically Sorted App List

Figure2: Recently used App List

This App shall be shortly available in the App Store. If you would like further information on Quickly or you would like to suggest something, please contact: